English Verbs Mini-Wheel


A handy guide that fits anywhere!

Actual size: 11.5 cm

Spin the wheel and point the arrow at a verb to see how it’s conjugated in its main tenses.

  • 100 irregular verbs
  • 9 different tenses
  • Conjugation table for verbs to be, to do, to have

Ideal tool for travellers


The mini-wheel is an ideal tool for travellers and for beginning language learners who want to concentrate solely on basic verb tenses.

Thanks to its small size (slightly smaller than a DVD), it fits anywhere: in a pencil case, between the pages of a book, and even in your shirt pocket.

Apart from size, what’s the difference between a mini-wheel and a regular-sized wheel?

A mini-wheel contains just about as many verbs as the regular wheel. However, it only contains the main verb tenses::

  • Infinitive
  • Simple past
  • Past participle
  • -ing form

Data sheet

Language Wheels
Soft plastic envelope
Actual Size (Wheel)
11.5 cm diameter (4.5 inches)
Product composition
Tear-resistant paperboard
Elementary School, Adult education, High School

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