Spanish Verbs Mini-Wheel


A handy guide that fits anywhere!

Actual size: 11.5 cm

Spin the wheel and point the arrow at a verb to see how it’s conjugated in its main tenses.

  • 38 frequent and commonly used verbs
  • Main tenses: present, past, future
  • Conjugation tables for verbs ser/estar (to be) and haber (to have)

Ideal tool for travellers


The mini-wheel is an ideal tool for travellers and for beginning language learners who want to concentrate solely on basic verb tenses.

Thanks to its small size (slightly smaller than a DVD), it fits anywhere: in a pencil case, between the pages of a book, and even in your shirt pocket.

Apart from size, what’s the difference between a mini-wheel and a regular-sized wheel?

A mini-wheel contains just about as many verbs as the regular wheel. However, it only contains the main verb tenses.


Data sheet

Language Wheels
Soft plastic envelope
Actual Size (Wheel)
11.5 cm diameter (4.5 inches)
Product composition
Tear-resistant paperboard
Foreign languages, Spanish
Adult education, High School