COMBO : 8 x La roue des homophones


A fun and entertaining tool to master French homophones!

This wheel presents 30 frequent homophones. For each one, you get:

  • A définition
  • A strategy for recognizing it
  • An example applying the strategy

Homophones presented:

  • a, à, as
  • ce, se
  • mais, mes
  • ou, où
  • peu, peux, peut
  • son, sont
  • ma, m'a, m'as
  • on, ont
  • ces, ses
  • c'est, s'est
  • es, est
  • la, l'a, là


Data sheet

Language Wheels
Includes a durable protective sleeve that fits into a ring binder.
Actual Size (Wheel)
20 cm diameter (8 inches)
Actual Size (Sleeve)
Width: 22 cm (8.5 inches), height: 23.5 cm (9.25 inches)
Product composition
Strong, durable and tear-resistant laminated paperboard
High School, Elementary School, Adult education

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