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La roue des pays - Amériques
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La roue des pays - Verso

La roue des pays

Référence : 9781989609149

In French

195 countries at your fingertips!

Unfold the map and, with a spin of the wheel, you’ll quickly find the capital city, flag, currency, official language, population and size of every country in the world!

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Fiche technique

Product composition
Strong, durable and tear-resistant laminated paperboard
Geography Wheels
Includes a durable protective sleeve.
Actual Size (Wheel)
Closed: 24 cm x 23 cm (9.4 x 9 inches) Open: 48 cm x 23 cm (18.7 x 9 inches)
Actual Size (Sleeve)
Width: 26.5 cm (10.4 inches) , height: 28 cm (11 inches)
Elementary School
High School
Adult education
Sciences and Geography
General knowledge